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GotUfound is where your local business connects to new customers. It’s about making your website work for your business.

— Mel Hopkins —

About Gotufound

If you have a small or medium sized business, you need a presence in Social, Local, and Mobile web marketing to get found by customers, and grow your business. That's where GotUfound comes in.

GotUfound is Customer Search Optimization™ or CSO™ for short. Notice it is trademarked? That is because we invented it. GotUfound is the only CSO on the market. So if you want to get your business found on the Internet you are in the right place. We created GotUfound to be the next generation target marketing service dedicated to helping small businesses ‘Get Found’ on the Internet.

The GotUfound CSO™ process:

  • We look at your business and your website (if you have one).
  • We check out your competitors and their websites.
  • We examine your local market.
  • But most importantly, we look at your potential customers, and how they are trying to find you.
  • Then we put together your custom Marketing Strategy and discuss the GotUfound plan with you.
  • When you approve, we put your unique gotUfound plan into action. We work tirelessly to get you found by potential customers, and keep getting found every month. GotUfound is about real marketing people helping to grow your business.

Just a few minutes of your time
can generate big rewards for your business.

— Mel Hopkins —


Do you have an existing website? We can make it a “responsive website” (so it will now look great on mobile phones and tablets) very inexpensively. FYI… a responsive website senses the device being used – a laptop, PC, tablet, or smartphone - and resizes for optimal use.

Why do you need a ‘mobile-friendly’ website?

  • A mobile website is easier for your customers.

    You want to make browsing as easy as possible for customers – especially for motivated mobile visitors. With key information that resizes without pinching (or squinting), and enhancements like click-to-call phone numbers or driving map integration, your visitors will be quicker to deliver business to your company.

  • Google wants you to have a mobile website.

    Everyone that matters to your business has a smartphone. Google agrees and changed the rules so companies without mobile website are penalized.

  • You get better search engine response.

    Google gives a free bonus to mobile websites. You get a MOBILE-FRIENDLY tag and a boost in the search engine results pages.

Get a leg up on your competition and update now – before they eat your lunch! With prices starting at just $99.95 a month there is no reason to wait! Call us at 703-392-5200 ext. 201 to discuss your needs.

GotUfound is Customer Search Optimization or CSO for short. You won’t find it anywhere else – we invented it.

— Mel Hopkins —


Your business absolutely, positively NEEDS a presence in Social media. A recent study shows the importance of Social for businesses like yours: 97% of buyers search for local business online, 72% trust on-line reviews, 61% of young people check Social media to decide where to go and what to do. And now the biggie… 78% of small businesses get over 25% of their new customers from Social media!

But trying to keep up with Facebook, Google+, and the rest can be daunting. So GotUfound is here to help finesse your marketing mix on social. The good news is you can get a lot of bang for your buck affordably. You want to get a top level Social media marketing whiz on your team that fits your budget? Yes! Starting at just $99.95 a month, call us at 703-392-5200 ext. 201 to discuss your business and how we can take you to the next level!

What our Clients say

  • … the most creative and results oriented organization I have ever worked with. Always meeting tight deadlines and going the extra step to guarantee our satisfaction… an integral part of our success…

    — Marc Cohen EVP, Sales at Evolution Digital
  • I have known Mel through professional organizations and as a customer for over 15 years. As a fellow board member, Mel was well respected by everyone. He worked hard for the good of all member companies to accomplish the most with our combined resources. I know him to be trustworthy, fair and a team player. As a customer, I know Mel to be professional, results driven, innovative and cost effective. Mel and his company provided us with strategic planning and exceptional execution while making sure I was well informed through out the process. I recommend Mel and his company with confidence that you will be satisfied with his results.

    — Troy Fitzhugh President at Blue Ridge Communications
  • I would strongly recommend Mel and Q7 to anyone looking to outsource any part of their marketing efforts. Their creative is not only very effective but it is also very afforable! The telemarketing arm of his company is the best I have ever used. The reps are professional and the results are always well above average. His associates are a pleasure to work with and they always come in on time and at budget. Q7 is an asset to any company!

    — Sharon Slotterback Business Development Manager, Comcast


We Help with Your Local Online Marketing.

GotUfound Local is the simple, effective and affordable online marketing resource that helps local businesses “get found” online. Let us help you grow your business with an easy and affordable custom marketing program. We are you marketing ‘back-office’ that can create, implement and monitor your unique plan, month in, month out!

With a GotUfound turn-key solution, you can get back to running your business while we work behind the scenes to get results. Call us for details – our service starts at just $99 a month! 703-392-5200



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